Monday, April 5, 2010

Justin Wooden is challenging Betty Sutton in the OH-13 Democrat primary

I had a very pleasant and informative telephone conversation Friday afternoon with Justin Wooden, a Democrat challenging Betty Sutton for her House seat in Ohio's 13th Congressional District.

I have to admit - most politicians and political candidates I've met strike me as a bit stiff, all smiles, handshakes and affirmative nods and very little substance. But Justin immediately struck me with his genuine, down to earth demeanor and his willingness to speak openly and honestly about his beliefs and his views on good government. We spoke for 20 minutes or so about politics, the House race, jobs and what our representatives in Washington should be doing to represent their constituents.

During our talk, we found many points where we agreed - the need for industry and workers to come together and work together toward the common goal of running profitable businesses and creating jobs; the lack of responsiveness of public officials to the wishes and needs of the public; the waste of tax dollars and disregard for fiscal discipline in Washington; and the negative effects of government that has gotten too big for its own good.

Justin also stated a few ideas with which I disagreed. He supports more sweeping campaign finance reform initiatives than I do, for example. But he didn't make excuses for his beliefs and he based his views on sound judgment and reasoning. I could sense he was speaking from the heart while we were talking and I appreciated his honesty.

One has to imagine that kind of sincerity comes naturally to a man who has worked hard for a living, served his country for four years in the United States Navy and who hasn't made a career out of politics.

I also strongly agree with Justin's views on:
- 2nd Amendment rights - he's in favor of preserving the constitutionally guaranteed rights of law abiding citizens to bear arms.
- Military - a Navy vet, he knows how important soldiers are to America's safety and security and voices his support clearly on his Web site.
- Health care - supports government initiatives to reduce costs and increase competition among insurers, which are common sense ways to make coverage more affordable for everyone. His web site says he opposes the monstrosity of a bill that was signed into law in March.

No candidate is going to perfectly mirror any voter's views. We're all human beings with independent minds and independent views on the world, our community and our government. But after speaking with Justin and spending time on his web site learning more about where he stands on the issues, I can say I'm very comfortable with casting my vote for him in the May 4 Democrat primary.

If you haven't heard about Justin's candidacy or just want to learn a little more about where he stands, I urge you to visit his web site and decide whether Justin Wooden will earn your vote next month.

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