Friday, October 29, 2010

65 percent of Americans want to boot the entire Congress - let's do our part to boot Betty Sutton

Rasmussen released the results of an interesting survey yesterday, which reveals that 65 percent of all Americans favor getting rid of the entire Congress.

This isn't a shock to those of us who have been voicing concerns for years about a growing national debt and leaders who ignore the wishes of the people they were elected to represent.

Even more telling, 60 percent of likely voters have an unfavorable impression of our own Betty Sutton's boss, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi took over as Speaker at the same time Betty Sutton first took office in 2007. Since then, Betty Sutton has voted with Pelosi 99 PERCENT OF THE TIME. That's quite a track record, when you consider that those votes have enabled a government takeover of health care, a $5 trillion run-up in the national debt (total is now $13.6 trillion) and a government seizure of assets of automakers GM and Chrysler.

And remember, as I've reported in this blog before, Nancy Pelosi is funding Betty Sutton's campaign. Pelosi and her groups have funneled piles of cash ($20,000 so far) to Sutton and her campaign in 2010.

In four days, you'll get to voice your opinion on Nancy Pelosi, Betty Sutton and our out-of-control Congress.

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