Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Betty Sutton says she's proud of her record in Congress - but how do YOU feel about her record?

Betty Sutton told the audience at the Akron Press Club last week that she is proud of her record as a member of Congress. As reported by the Akron Beacon Journal, Sutton "said she is concerned about federal spending, but was not afraid to take action when it was necessary." Meanwhile, the federal debt has ballooned to $13.6 trillion thanks to an utter lack of concern about federal over-spending while she has been in office.

She also touted her record of spending billions of tax dollars on the failed Cash for Clunkers program (which caused a run-up in used car prices and didn't result in more cars being sold in the long run), supporting and passing the Credit Cardholder Bill of Rights (which is to blame for the run up in our credit card rates just prior to its going into effect), and her support for small businesses and employers (even though she left Washington to go campaigning without voting to prevent a massive tax increase on small businesses in September).

We're in the home stretch folks. Every candidate is out there trumpeting their accomplishments and spinning their failures as successes. If you're still undecided about who you will vote for in the Ohio District 13 race for the U.S. House of Representatives (Sutton or Ganley), it's time to sit back and do some real soul searching.
  • Are you satisfied with the economy in Northeast Ohio?
  • Has it improved since Betty Sutton was elected in 2006?
  • Are you satisfied with the performance of the current Congress?
  • Do you see more or less opportunity for jobs, business growth and success in Ohio since Betty Sutton took office?
  • Do you want a representative who is taking tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Nancy Pelosi?
  • Can we do better by giving someone new a shot in Washington?

I understand why some folks want to vote for Betty Sutton. I'm a registered Democrat and voted for her in 2008. I understand Northeast Ohio traditionally votes for strong Democratic candidates that represent the working class.

But there comes a time where we must face the fact that the leaders we've elected to represent us in Congress have failed to look out for our interests. They've allowed jobs to disappear. They've spent more of our tax dollars than they took in. There comes a time when perhaps new voices and new ideas are the only hope to put America back on the right track.

In the next seven days, think hard about your future, your children's futures and your grandchildren's futures. Think hard about whether Congress has given us a fair shake or if they've done anything to help ordinary Americans in these difficult times. Think about whether a change in direction will help. Think about whether you want to invite Betty Sutton back or if you want to give someone else a chance to work for us.

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