Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Did you know? Nancy Pelosi is funding Betty Sutton's 2010 campaign

Voters fed up with the antics of the current Congress and its utter disregard for the will of the people, and particularly those displeased with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's leadership, may be shocked to learn that Pelosi and groups controlled by Pelosi are in fact FUNDING Betty Sutton's campaign this year.

I recently reviewed campaign finance disclosures to the FEC and noticed that Nancy Pelosi, via her own re-election campaign fund, made two contributions of $2,000 ($4,000 total) to Betty Sutton's campaign earlier this year. And just for good measure, the Pelosi-led Political Action Committee called PAC to the Future made two $5,000 donations ($10,000 total) to Sutton's campaigns on the same days that Pelosi's campaign made donations. The fun doesn't stop there though. Pelosi's campaign also made three more donations totaling $6,000 to the Betty Sutton for Congress campaign committee.

That's a grand total of $20,000 Pelosi dollars funneled to Betty Sutton and her committee so far in 2010. And that's just what we know about right now. Who knows how high the final dollar count will be when the campaign is all said and done?

This just seems to be the game that's played in Washington these days. After all, Sutton's committee also was more than happy to take $2,000 from former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's "Friends of Rahm Emanuel" group in 2006. And the $10,000 she and her committee received from pro-abortion PAC Emily's List helped fill her campaign coffers this year. I guess campaigns are expensive and all that cash for attack ads, fliers and staffers has to come from someplace.

Now there's nothing expressly illegal about any of this. But then again, Pelosi's PACs have been known to skirt campaign finance laws in the past. So you be the judge. Do you want a congressional rep like Betty Sutton who is financially beholden to someone like Nancy Pelosi? Do you want a rep who is more than willing to play the political money game and take thousands of dollars from special interests that aim to advance the agenda of Speaker Pelosi?

I do not.

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