Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lorain County newspaper endorses Tom Ganley

Lorain County may very well be the heart of Ohio's working class heritage. It has been home to countless thousands of steelworkers, autoworkers, craftsmen and service workers and their families. These hard-working Ohioans perhaps know better than most how difficult the economic downturn has been and how important good leadership is to creating an environment where employment can grow and businesses can thrive.

So it's heartening to see that Lorain County's most-read newspaper, The Morning Journal, has endorsed a candidate for Congress that it thinks understands job creation and will best lead the citizens of Ohio District 13 in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In its endorsement of Tom Ganley, The Morning Journal stated, "The 13th District includes Lorain and Elyria and stretches southeast into Akron. The economically troubled district, and the recession-battered nation, can not continue following the wrong-headed remedies prescribed by Obama and his followers, including Sutton."

"Voters need to take control of their own destiny and elect people like Tom Ganley who have the sense and the courage to end our downward spiral of economic uncertainty, crushing debt and bloated federal government."

"It's time to send a job-creating businessman to Washington. On Nov. 2, we strongly urge voters in Lorain County, and throughout the 13th District, to elect Republican Tom Ganley to Congress."

It's undeniable that our hard working residents and our communities need a change in direction if they are to survive and thrive.

I wholeheartedly agree with The Morning Journal's editorial staff. It is time to send someone like Tom Ganley, who has experience in job creation, someone who understands how to run an efficient and profitable business, someone who isn't the same-old same-old politician, to Washington to work for us.

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