Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Voters are increasingly fed up with Betty Sutton's negative, mud-slinging campaign

Today's campaign snapshot comes from The Suburbanite, a small community newspaper that serves parts of Betty Sutton's district in Summit County. Sometimes these small weekly papers can get lost in the shuffle of big media endorsments and large newspapers running puff pieces supporting certain candidates and muck-raking sludge for their opponents.

But Frank Weaver Jr.'s piece in The Suburbanite really stands out from the crowd- particularly in his criticism of Betty Sutton for the dirty campaign she's been running.

Weaver takes Sutton's campaign to task for attacking Tom Ganley for his record as an auto dealer and he wonders aloud why Sutton can't manage to promote her own accomplishments in her commercials. He says all of the negativity makes it hard to know how to vote.

But as Weaver notes:

For many, dirty campaigning has become an art. The latest political painting
using abhorrent verbosity in advertising comes from the democratic party in
support of Betty Sutton, our incumbent Congresswoman. At present, her opponent,
Tom Ganley, has done the decent thing, so far, and tried keeping his campaign
above board. And that's the way it should be.

Weaver is right. Ganley has run a fair and decent campaign. He has taken the high road and fought a clean political fight against Sutton. Congresswoman Sutton's decision to get down in the mud, instead of tout her own accomplisments, points out something that I've been saying all along - Betty Sutton has no notable accomplishments to brag about.

More than 10 percent of Ohio District 13 constituents are unemployed. Betty Sutton has voted to spend trillions of our tax dollars on new entitlement programs like government-enforced and regulated health care and the idiotic Cash for Clunkers program. She has taken tens of thousands of dollars from Nancy Pelosi and has done her bidding in Congress. She has voted to plunge America further into debt (we now owe our creditors, including the communist Chinese government, more than $13 trillion).

Sutton can't run positive campaign ads because she doesn't have any accomplishments to impress us with - just failures and politics as usual.

I can't speak for Mr. Weaver or say how he might vote in two weeks. But his voice sounds familiar - like the thousands of other Ohio voters who are sick and tired of Betty Sutton's politics as usual. Like the thousands of other Ohioans who are ready for a change in direction and a change in tone.

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